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Royalty Exchange is a marketplace where intellectual property is bought and sold like any other asset. 

Accessing the financial potential of intellectual property should be easy, transparent, and fair for everyone. The Royalty Exchange marketplace does this by eliminating the friction between ideas and their value, benefitting both creators and investors alike.


Your ideas are assets. We can help you leverage them for financial and artistic freedom while keeping all your underlying rights.

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Purchase assets that have the potential for double-digit yields and are not correlated to market volatility. 

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How it Works: Easy. Transparent. Fair.

We use the power of markets to unlock the value of ideas. 

Our marketplace gives creators the flexibility to sell a portion of their royalty income to investors competing to make the biggest and best offer for them. Sellers control which royalties they make available, which to keep, and retain all their copyrights.  

The transparency of the market and competitive bidding ensures both buyer and seller receive the fair market value they deserve. 

You Make the Decisions. We Do The Work

  1. We work with creators to vet and package royalties into an investable asset.

  2. We match these royalty assets with investors through auctions, guaranteeing the best price the market can support.

  3. Our team of experts manages all the transactional paperwork, transfer funds, and administers payment.

  4. Sellers receive their proceeds. Investors collect the royalty revenue. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I took the money and invested it in commercial real estate. Just treating it like a business.”
Jahlil Beats
“It was the smoothest, most enjoyable experience. I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. I’m looking forward to doing more stuff with you in the future.”
Dr. Chaii
“I kept all my publishing and sold just my songwriter share. I really didn’t know the value of that until Royalty Exchange showed me. It really blew my mind. If I can cash in on that now and make game-changing decisions for my family... it was a no brainer.”
Ben Stennis